Often there is secret meta data hidden in picture files that contain numerous details which don’t directly belong to the motive. In addition to generic data, like date/time, exposure time and focal distance of the taken photo, the name of the photographer and GPS coordinates of the recording place are frequently present in these files. Thus it often gets possible to trace a photo back to its creator.

This information can be analyzed BY EVERYONE!
So you should use caution when uploading private pictures to the internet!

The Exif-Remove.de tools help you to delete all private information from your pictures.


Feel free to to use the Easy Cleaner for basic usage on single pictures or the Bulk Cleaner, which can be used for cleaning lots of images with only a few clicks.

Please also have a look at the Viewer, which shows you the hidden information of your images!

A brand new feature is the Censor Bar. It combines the processes of cleaning your images from meta data and creating black rectangles to hide what shouldn’t be seen. Give it a try – it’s great!

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